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1 piece. snorkellers shine

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Snorkeling rail.
Snorkebak, which you can store the rail in.
Plastic handle that is used when introducing the snoring rail.
Free set of earplugs
✅ You do not snoop so much or it completely disappears.
✅ Man sleeps better if you suffer from sleep apnea.
✅ Protects your teeth at night.
✅ Relieve tension headache, which comes from tension in the jaws.
1. Put the handle in the rail and put the rail the box for storage.
2. Fill the container with warm water of approx. 70-80 degrees C, so that the snoring rail is completely covered with water.
3. Let the snoring rail stay in the water for about 15-25 seconds, and pick up the side with the handle.
4. If possible, excess water is shaken gently by the snoring rails, and the snoring rails are inserted into the upper mouth. One must remember to make sure that the snoring rail is conveniently located. You can use your fingers to shape the skin around your teeth so that the shape is adapted to one's own teeth and gums. This provides the best use.
5. When you feel that your teeth have set a proper and good impression in the shine, remove it from the mouth.
6. Put the snoring rack back in the box and then fill the box with cold water. You should also take the handle out of the guide rail.
7. The snoring rail is made of a material called EVA. This can be reformatted several times, so you still have the ability to shape the track again if you were not satisfied with the first attempt. You simply repeat the above process and instructions, and you have a snoring track that fits perfectly with your mouth.
NOTE: The snoring rail should NOT be used by children.
People who use dentures should also not use this.


"At first, I was worried that my snoring was a sign of obstructive sleep apnea. I went to an EMN specialist who told me I was simply a chronic snorer. He suggested that I tried a means for mandibular protrusion like SnoreMeds. So I followed his advice and I was not disappointed. "

"I've been better now that I've tried your product. I was a little skeptical at first. Everything I had previously tried had been a failure, but after spending a couple of nights turning to Stopsnorken. Now the skins - the comfortable way it fits in and feels in the mud - so I was sold. And my snoring is gone. "

"Okay, do you know what? They actually work." How do I know? My wife is sleeping through the night and I get quality sleep and wake up well and well-developed in the morning for the first time in many years. I bought the double pack, got broken the first Mouthpiece, did it better with the next one (it works and is comfortable) and I'll order a more "
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